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Chocolate Keratin

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The Smoothbar is proud to offer the Chocolate Keratin Treatment by Marcia Teixeira. This smoothing treatment is best used on thick hair that is course and has tight curls. Chocolate Keratin is specially designed to smooth hair that is resistant and medium textured. With the use of the natural moisturizer, cocoa butter, this Chocolate Keratin Treatment provides conditioning properties and leaves hair soft and smooth. The concentrated cocoa butter can reduce up to 90% of your hairs curl and frizz.

Making this a great alternative to damaging relaxers and straighteners. Chocolate Keratin Treatment also contains antioxidants and amino acids to promote not just soft hair but also healthy hair! This treatment can also be used on color treated hair but it is advised to wait two to three weeks before coloring your hair after a treatment. Chocolate Keratin can last up to 12 weeks, when cared for properly! What are you waiting for? Book now and experience the best smoothing treatments have to offer with The Smoothbar!

The Smoothbar is well-known in the San Diego and Dallas area

for friendly service and highly trained professional stylists. We only hire the best talent, most hospitable staff, and team members who genuinely care about our clients. The result is a unique and personal salon experience for you. Our aim is to provide the best in hair care, from in-depth consultations to the finished look. We want to give you a style that you can wear with confidence and keep up in the days after leaving our salon.

With our San Diego and Dallas stylists, the focus is solely on you. We offer 10 different types of keratin treatments, including the chocolate keratin treatment which is a keratin treatment infused with cocoa butter, a natural moisturizer. If you have extremely coarse, resistant hair with tight curls and you are interested in a keratin treatment, we recommend the chocolate keratin treatment for you.


Our talented team will give you the right application so that you experience frizz-less locks with up to a 90% reduction in curls

our new look will last approximately 12 weeks. Time spent in our Carmel Mountain salon will not only have you looking good, it will also rejuvenate and awaken the senses. It is vital to us that you feel cared for by every staff member at all times. Whatever we can do to make your visit to our salon feel like time well spent, let us know, and we will go the extra mile to make it happen. We strive to educate ourselves on the latest developments in keratin treatments so that we can pass it on to you.

San Diego and Dallas area hair salons can come and go, but sometimes, a truly innovative hair salon opens its doors and causes a buzz. The Smoothbar is that salon. Great care went into every decision that culminated in the opening of our smoothing hair treatment business. If you want to achieve your best identity, inside and out, get in touch with us!

Christine Bradley8
January 26, 2023.
Great service, easy and friendly
Grace Tadder
January 10, 2023.
If you are looking to get a hair treatment then this is your place!! I have been getting the Pure Brazilian for more than a year now and I couldn't recommend it more. The staff is always very nice and knowledgable when working with all types of hair.
amanda toperoff
January 10, 2023.
I was initially very nervous about getting a keratin treatment. But, after having my many questions and concerns addressed promptly and with obvious competence, I went ahead and booked an appt. It went so well! I couldn't be happier!
Olivia Shinavar
December 11, 2022.
The Brazilian Renewal is life-changing! My hair is naturally very frizzy and curly/wavy. It's a miracle to have wash-and-go sleek, straight hair and not have to worry about humidity.
Ralph Peiris
October 11, 2022.
Kailey was amazing. Made sure I was getting the exact procedure I needed. Did an amazing job. I’am very happy with my results. My hair looks so shiny and sleek. Thanks Gina Peiris
Madefitbykayde (Madefitbykayde)
October 1, 2022.
Have received two Brazilian blowouts from this salon, they are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. Highly recommend.
July 17, 2022.
YEA!! Brazilian Blowout done today - The Stylist did "Phenomenal' work in a comfortable yet professional atmosphere.
Glo Y
July 15, 2022.
I got my hair treated with a Brazilian blowout which is good if you want your hair to dry nice naturally! My hairstylist also recommended how to make your hair treatment last by using some of their in salon products. I will be coming back in 10 weeks to keep it up to date!
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