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Tired of Short-Lived Salon Blowouts? We all adore that fresh-from-the-salon look, but who says it has to fade in just a few days? Despite what blowout stylists claim, visiting a salon every two weeks is not the only way to maintain your sleek, smooth, and manageable hair.

Introducing a revolutionary approach to blowouts: Smoothing treatments, like Extreme Renewal Keratin Treatment or the Pure Brazilian Blowout, offer that same kind of post-salon confidence that lasts 10-12 weeks instead of just a few days. Life happens – and whether it’s rain, sports, or daily washing – your hair will stay fabulous.

The Better Blowout Saves You:

⏰ Time 💰 Money 💇 Your Hair’s Health

Time-Saving Treatments

No more weekly salon trips! Our treatments reduce your styling time by half. Though sessions are slightly longer, you’ll only need one every three months.

Money in Your Pocket

Getting frequent blowouts adds up. With a Smoothing Treatment, you enjoy significantly longer-lasting results for a fraction of the cost. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t find saving money sexy as hell?

Nourish, Don’t Punish Your Hair

Say goodbye to daily heat damage. Our treatments keep your hair lustrous, manageable, and healthy, minimizing the need for constant styling.

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Why Choose The Smoothbar?

🌟 Expertise: Professional advice and application
🏆 Excellence: Largest Variety of vetted treatments on the market

🛡 Safety & Comfort: Patented extraction system ensures a great customer experience

As the first and only smoothing specialty salon of our kind, we cater to diverse hair needs with our ten unique treatments and ensure you get the best fit. All of our treatments have been fully vetted, researched, tested, and drilled into our stylists so we get predictable and reliable results every time. Think of us as your hair’s personal therapists!

Smoothing is all we do. So no, you aren’t cheating on your stylist! We prioritize understanding your hair’s unique attributes and your personal preferences to recommend the treatment that will help you achieve your unique #hairgoals. Are you looking for curl control, frizz management, or does your hair need a little healing? Our stylists love to help you fall in love with your hair again.

During any chemical hair treatment, the products can wind up in the air around you. The Smoothbar equips all its salons with a patented extraction system that pulls those chemicals out of the air so you can breathe easy, relax, and enjoy your time in the chair.

Compare and See the Difference Over a 3 Month Period:

Blowout Smoothing Treatment
Number of services  6 (every other week) 1
Cost per service*  $59 $225
Total over 3 months $354 $255
Minutes spent in salon 270 180
Minutes your hair spends under heat 1350 675

Find Your Smooth

Whether you have frizzy, straight, or curly hair, we will get you where you want to be.

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Finally, a hair salon specialized in Keratin Treatments and Brazilian Blowout treatments in Dallas!

Get your next Brazilian or Keratin hair treatment done this week with our professional hair stylists and see for yourself how nice your hair looks after. You might be surprised by the results! Finally, a reliable way to get your frizzy hair under control and to revive it at the same time.

I had the Brazilian Renewal treatment which is a Keratin treatment that also contains collagen to help maintain my natural volume. I loved the results because I got rid of my frizz and can wear my hair straight without a long blowout or flat ironing since my hair is normally wavy/frizzy. The bonus is that it didn’t totally flatten my fine hair and I can still get the volume I love. I had no idea so many different treatments even existed to cater to different needs and hair types! A salon totally dedicated to smoothing treatments is a novel idea, I love it!

Jamie Moreland

I am so glad I found Smoothbar. This is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a keratin treatment. They have so many kinds, and do a great job at helping you decided the best one for you and they also have conditioning treatments. I did the k18 and brazilian blowout . I love my hair ! I will defiantly be back.

Susan Walker

Ok so I didn’t get a chance to take any pics but let me just say this. I dread washing or managing my hair in general but after getting the Super Smooth treatment and then washing my hair, it was the smoothest process: I mean no kinks, no shedding, easy to blow dry(less than 10minutes) and i have some thick hair. Janay always makes sure im taken care of and the rest of the girls were great as well!! 😊 and not to mention there was no frizziness after the treatment before I washed it. Thanks ladies!

Anitria Mosley

Very enjoyable! I’ve been getting global keratin for years. Happy to have found a place in Dallas that provides it. The whole team was very welcoming, highly efficient, and knowledgeable. I will definitely be back!

Kelly Martin

Amazing experience and wonderful results; I will definitely be coming back.
& Smoothing treatments aren’t just for girls either! My hair would attest to that!

J.C. Denton
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