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Since opening our smoothing treatment hair salon in Dallas, TX, our clientele has been rapidly growing. However, our hope is to continue to be the leading salon to get highly effective smoothing treatments and b3 demi permanent conditioning treatments in Dallas.

In addition to keratin and smoothing treatments, we also specialize in making sure that your hair has strength and moisture. With our b3 demi permanent conditioner, you get immediate repair and serious conditioning for hair that has been chemically treated and extremely damaged.

The b3 Demi Permanent Conditioning Treatment can be added on to a smoothing treatment or be purchased as a standalone reparative treatment. This permanent deep conditioning treatment helps soften damaged hair. We damage our hair in a number of ways, with color and processing and every day with heat from styling tools and the sun. Make your hair look shinier and healthier while adding strength and moisture.

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This product penetrates to the cuticle to repair hair and add softness.

To achieve this deep conditioning and repair effect amino acids are fused to weakened fibers of each strand. The b3 Demi Permanent Conditioning Treatment by Brazilian Blowout maintains its added strength as your hair grows out and provides the deep conditioning element for up to eight washes. Add this service on to your smoothing treatment today at The Smoothbar and enjoy your soft radiant hair every day for weeks to come!

We’re the hair salon that wants you to feel whole again with services that not only bring smoothness and shine but also healthy strong locks. Our stylists we select to work for us have knowledge in all aspects of smoothing and keratin treatments, as well as advanced conditioning systems. We provide a high level of personal integrity that places your well being above all else.


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​We are devoted to making men and women in the Dallas, TX area look and feel their absolute best.

Our stylists have many years of experience in the industry, and we focus on providing hair and conditioning treatments of the highest quality. Our objective is to create memorable, modern hair. Our clients love us because we love them.

All stylists at The Smoothbar are hand-selected experts who have a zest for the craft of hair smoothing. We are well-known around Dallas as the hair studios where people of all hair types and textures can come to get a wonderful, personalized Brazilian Blowout or Chocolate Keratin treatment. Our salon has a friendly vibe, and we welcome you to come and see what the buzz is about. We aim at giving welcoming, down-to-earth customer service in an upscale Dallas, TX hair boutique.

By making you feel welcomed, we hope that you will share your positive experience at our hair salon with your friends and family. We invite you to join us at The Smoothbar for a day of pampering and relaxation while we tend to your hair needs. Arrange a consultation with one of our experts today!

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