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​Keratherapy Extreme Renewal in Dallas

Keratherapy Extreme Renewal Hair Care Product

Keratherapy Extreme Renewal is a keratin smoothing treatment that transforms your hair and reduces frizzes while leaving it stronger, shiny, and manageable. This treatment can add strength to any head of hair, including those with curls. It gives a medium to maximum curl reduction for up to three months (12 weeks) while reducing your styling time by half.

Patented KERABOND™ Smoothing System Technology will strengthen your hair utilizing the power of keratin. This treatment has become a quick favorite at our Dallas salon because of just how effective it can be!

Continue reading to learn about out Keratherapy treatment and how to receive affordable and high-quality hair smoothing treatments in Dallas. No matter your hair type, we can create you the right custom hair treatment plan for your needs.

How Kerabond Technology Helps Your Hair

Keratherapy has a wide array of options for all different sorts of hair textures and types. Plus, it’s one of the leading keratin hair therapy treatments. At our Dallas salon we’ve seen the success of Keratherapy smoothing treatments in improving manageability, health, and appearance of hair. All thanks to the specialty Kerabond technology and perfect balance of moisture and keratin.

Kerabond technology acts to refine and enhance pure keratin allowing it to reach the deepest areas of the hair shaft past the cuticle. This results in the treatment reaching the more damaged parts of your hair, replacing the keratin specifically in those areas. Therefore, your hair becomes stronger, healthier, smooth, manageable, frizz-free, and resistant to humidity.

Performing a Keratherapy Treatment

Who Should Go for a Keratherapy Extreme Renewal?

Are you wondering whether or not you could benefit from our Keratherapy smoothing treatment at our Dallas salon? If you’ve got frizzy and curly hair but want maximum curl and frizz reduction, you could see excellent results with this treatment.

You could also opt for a Keratherapy treatment if you would like to have healthier, smoother, and shinier hair. Keratherapy can help enhance hair texture and condition.

Considering Keratherapy Extreme Renewal in Dallas? Explore the Benefits!

​Let’s look at some of the benefits of getting a specialty Keratherapy Extreme Renewal treatment at The Smoothbar.
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Long-lasting Protection

For 3 to 4 months the Extreme Renewal delivers intensive nourishment and protects your hair long term.

Curl Reduction

Regardless of if you have normal, fine, or medium textured hair, our Extreme Renewal treatment provides maximum smoothing and curl reduction.

Hair Improvement

Extreme Renewal improves hair condition. It also adds suppleness and shine.

Protect Your Hair

Some relaxer services can damage your hair, and Extreme Renewal can help you avoid them.

Save Time

It can take a long to blow-dry and iron your hair before going out. Fortunately, Keratherapy Extreme Renewal reduces your ironing, blow-drying, and overall finishing time by half or more.

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FAQs About the Keratherapy Extreme Renewal in Dallas

​Extreme Renewal does not get into the bonds of the hair. Therefore, it is not a permanent treatment. The hair reverts to its natural texture as the treatment leaves the hair.

You can treat your hair again as soon as 48 hours after the Extreme Renewal treatment but the results will last 10-12 weeks.

​Keratherapy Extreme Renewal smoothing treatment lasts up to three months, provided you adhere to the recommended aftercare collection.

​You should avoid styling products and ponytails for the first 48 hours. Also, ensure your hair does not get wet in the first 48 hours and if it does, blow-dry the section immediately and straighten it lightly using a flat iron.

The Best Keratherapy Treatments in Dallas

If you want shiny, stronger, smooth, manageable, and frizz-free hair, you have all the reasons to receive a Keratherapy smoothing treatment. The treatment greatly saves your hair from damaging UV rays, heating styling, and environmental pollutants. Get in touch with an expert stylist in Dallas who can find a treatment that best fits your hair texture and needs.

The Smoothbar specializes in hair smoothing treatments and offers an unmatched salon experience. Our experienced stylists will work on your hair in an environment designed for optimal luxury. Our pricing is also very pocket friendly. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

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