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​The Smoothbar offers all of the latest and most high-quality hair smoothing treatments in the industry.

From the Brazilian Blowout to Global Keratin. The Smoothbar has highly trained certified staff to serve every clients hair needs.

The Smoothbar is a one of a kind salon and the first in the industry to solely focus on hair-smoothing treatments. With the knowledge that hair smoothing was more than a trend, but a long term solution for many peoples hair troubles, Stacey had the amazing concept to open a salon that could specialize in just these delicate treatments.

Hair Smoothing treatments can be complicated if not used correctly and paired with the right hair types. With the most highly trained staff in the area The Smoothbar’s certified stylists are familiar with all of the latest products and techniques in the hair smoothing industry. Each stylist also undergoes extensive training on individual hair types and how to pair each client with the right product for them. By understanding these associations between products and hair types stylist are able to give the Smoothbar clients not only hair that looks good, but also hair that is healthy and strong.


Our Specialty Salon

Our hair salon was created exclusively around hair smoothing and hair repair. Being specialized allow us to perform our job better and to understand your needs better too. We know perfectly what you are looking for and what your requirements are. Listening carefully to our customers is an important part of our job.

Whether you have highlights or a color, you can still enjoy the benefits of a Brazilian blowout treatment for your hair. You may have lost hope and thought no one could do anything for your frizzy hair, but we guarantee you that you will see the difference after the first application.

Contact your local Smoothbar today to book an appointment and discover what we can do for you in more detail by asking your questions to our keratin treatment experts. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

A One Of A Kind Experience

The Smoothbar is the first salon of its kind to specialize exclusively in smoothing treatments. From the ground up the salon was designed to offer clients top of the line smoothing treatment experiences. The Smoothbar takes precautions with their staff and their clients to ensure an excellent and comfortable experience. Each salon is equipped with a one of a kind ventilation system that extracts fumes from the salon for a comfortable experience during the treatment process. Boasting a modern design with 5-star luxuries The Smoothbar strives for every client to feel welcome and pampered.

​In addition to offering one of the most modern and stylish salons in southern California, The Smoothbar also takes pride in hiring only the best stylists around. All stylists working for The Smoothbar are highly experienced and have gone through intensive training and testing to ensure they are delivering consistent and quality results every time. Every stylist is trained in the 11 services offered and holds extensive knowledge on how each treatment affects every hair type.

Make an appointment with The Smoothbar today to see how beautiful your hair can be with a Keratin Treatment.

* Smoothing Treatments like Keratin Treatments do not straighten hair. Although they do lessen the styling time, it may require multiple treatments consecutively to achieve a more relaxed curl pattern depending on your hair type.

Offering The Highest Quality Keratin Treatments Available

If you have been shopping around for the best keratin treatment, we are delighted to introduce you to our salon with its unique keratin services. After a treatment from The Smoothbar you will see durable results that last up to 12 weeks! With hair that is smooth, healthy and easier to manage you will find yourself with more time and confidence! Enhance the appearance of your hair and make it look and feel beautifully smooth with our keratin smoothing treatments. Keratin smoothing is optimal if you are striving for frizz-free hair that still looks natural and full of life. We reinforce and protect your hair, whether it is thin or thick. All hair types are welcome in our salon and all genders too, because we believe that everybody deserves smoother hair.


Don’t be shy and ask us all your questions about the Brazilian Blowout or a Keratin treatment you have been researching. Our team is experienced and very knowledgeable on all smoothing treatments. The Smoothbar hires and specially trains professional, friendly stylist who specialize in hair smoothing treatments. Our Keratin treatment specialist strive to make each visit a true pleasure for each guest, by caring for your hair while pampering you.

Radiant shine, healthy hair and reduced frizz: what more could you ask for? Combining all solutions in one convenient treatment, our Brazilian Blowout or Keratin treatments is the best option for all your hair goals. Everybody will notice the radiant beauty and silky shine to your hair for weeks to come!

Another added benefit of hair smoothing is that the more you do it, the better and longer the effects. It is truly a cumulative treatment, so you have everything to gain by coming in every few months and letting us taking care of your hair.

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