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Our talented stylists are some of the best in Dallas, TX surrounding areas, including Carmel Mountain where our keratin treatment salon are located. Since 2014, we have made countless individuals look and feel their best with Adorn by Marcia Teixeira. ​We use this high-quality keratin treatment to give you an individualized look that is fresh, natural, and flawless. Adorn can be used with all hair types: chemically-processed, virgin hair, or color treated.

For hair that is full, shiny, and fashionably styled, try Adorn. We have been in the hair industry for years, and we welcome you to visit one of our locations. Our stylists want to provide residents in this area quality keratin treatments that will have them looking and feeling marvelous. Our hair salon realizes that when your hair looks good, you feel good. In addition, we sell superior-quality individual products to help you upkeep your hair and keep it fresh looking. We are a family of friendly faces and talent, and we continuingly greet our clients with warm greetings and a warm smile. When you want to give your hair new life with Adorn keratin treatment, call the hair specialists at The Smoothbar.

Adorn smoothing treatment will make your hair more beautiful and attractive!

This Marcia Teixeira Keratin Treatment is safe to use on all hair. Whether your hair is over processed or virgin the Adorn Keratin Treatment can help you achieve more manageable hair. This process is risk free of damaging your hair as it does not break down the hair before reconstructing it. If your hair is dry and frizzy this may be just the product for you, as it will give it a beautiful glow once again while making it easier to style.

The Adorn treatment by Marcia Teixeira works best on fine to medium hair by instilling your locks with keratin and collagen. This Smoothing Treatment is long lasting, staying in your hair up to 12 weeks and reversible as it will wash out over time without harming your hair. Make your hair smoother and more manageable today with the Adorn Keratin Treatment at The Smoothbar!

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We specializes in smoothing and keratin treatments for women and men. If you need to get your hair ready for a family or special occasion, image how good your hair will look after an Adorn keratin treatment application. Our team of hair Smoothing experts will work continuously to go beyond your expectations, and we make sure that when the time comes for your hair to receive another keratin treatment , you will come back to us. Smooth, healthy and frizz-free hair with a keratin treatment from the Smoothbar.

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