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Reparative Treatments FAQ

Having questions about our signature Reparative treatments at our Dallas or San Diego locations? Read below to get your most commonly asked questions about hair repair treatments answered by the Smoothbar team!

A reparative treatment or bond rebuilder works by multiplying the internal bonds of your hair’s structure increasing the strength and integrity of your hair strands more and more with every use. This is one of the most popular kinds of hair repair treatments.

Textural frizz exists naturally in most hair types and even the healthiest hair could still have frizz issues. Textural frizz is caused by the external layer of our hair called the cuticle becoming dehydrated. The lack of hydration causes the hair to “fluff up” in humid climates because the hair is searching for added hydration in the air. The best way to address this type of frizz is to target hydration back into the hair and to do a smoothing treatment that will create a coating on top of the cuticle of the hair forcing the cuticle to lay down smoother and acts as a shield against humidity.

Frizz caused by damage will happen when the hair has become stressed from chemical treatments, overuse of heat, and sun exposure. When the integrity of the hair’s structure is compromised, the hair will lose its natural curl pattern over time and become frizzy and can even feel “gummy” if severely damaged, this is when you need a hair repair treatment. The only way to address this kind of frizz is to do reparative treatments like the bond rebuilding services we offer. Bond rebuilders repair the hair from the inside out so even after the effects of your smoothing treatment washes out, the hair will remain in a healthier more frizz free state.

Yes! Hair repair treatments such as bond rebuilders or our reparative treatments only assist with preventing and fixing damage in the hair. If you are looking for frizz free results that provide a faster styling routine then you will need to do a smoothing treatment at our Dallas or San Diego salons, in addition to a reparative treatment for that kind of result.

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