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How Our Dallas Stylists Approach Hair Repair

Recognizing the underlying factors behind hair damage is the initial stride towards realizing your hair objectives. To breathe new life into your hair and bring back its innate beauty, collaborating with seasoned professional stylists becomes essential. They will carefully assess your hair type and prescribe a tailored reparative treatment plan that proves most effective for your hair’s needs. At The Smoothbar, our skilled hair stylists will offer individualized attention and recommend a custom hair repair treatment plan that meets your unique hair needs.

Going beyond the assessment of your hair type, we thoughtfully attend to your concerns and recommend the most suitable hair care products and deep conditioning solutions to help you achieve your hair goals. Our personalized hair treatments are meticulously designed with your unique hair requirements in mind, fostering the achievement of healthy and radiant hair.

Call us today to speak with our stylists about crafting a hair repair treatment plan just for you.

Our Favorite Hair Repair & Deep Conditioning Products

B3 demi permanent conditioner bottle

b3 Bond Builder & Deep Conditioner

No Curl Reduction – No Down Time. If you experience hair breakage, Brazilian Bond Builder (B3) helps to reattach the bonds to make your hair stronger and healthier. The product is clinically proven to treat damaged hair almost instantly. It is compatible with all color formulations to help rejuvenate your hair and improve its appearance.

If your hair is exceptionally dry or excessively damaged, the B3 Demi Permanent Conditioner could be the ideal treatment choice. Incorporate this deep conditioner into any treatment or service to enjoy the ultimate replenishment of natural moisture and the restoration of your hair. With lasting bonds and deep conditioning effects for up to 12 washes, the results are enduring and impactful.

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Molecular Mender Hair Treatment Products

Leaf & Flower Molecular Mender

Leaf & Flower’s Molecular Mender treatment uses the reparative properties of CBD to repair and protect your scalp for up to 10 washes. This treatment infuses hair and scalp with anti-humectant properties to heal sensitive and irritated scalps. This plant-based CBD Corrective Complex repairs the scalp at a molecular level while soothing skin that suffers from dandruff or psoriasis for ongoing protection.

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K18 molecular hair repair mask

K18 Molecular Hair Repair Mist

Add on this amazing reparative treatment to any smoothing treatment. This professional molecular hair repair system repairs damaged hair in just minutes. By getting to the deepest layers of your hair this treatment has the ability to repair heat and chemical damage fast with the power of keratin.

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Get Professional Hair Repair & Deep Conditioning Treatments in Dallas

Call us today to get a hair repair treatment plan to help revive your hair and restore its elasticity and strength.

At The Smoothbar here in Dallas, our professional stylists are dedicated to delivering the optimal custom hair care that aligns with your hair type and the extent of the damage. Whether it’s a specialized deep conditioning treatment or a blend of other hair repair products and treatments, we are devoted to formulating the perfect hair solution for you.

We offer individualized attention to our clients in Dallas so we can identify your unique hair needs and offer customizable hair care options that help you achieve your hair goals.

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