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The K18 Biomimetic Hairscience Treatment


K18Peptide™ is a breakthrough in the hair repair game. After testing amino acid sequences for decades the K18 has come through as a sequence that is able to penetrate the hair to its core and restore hair back to its youthful state.

Experience the transformative power of K18 technology to rejuvenate your hair, regardless of the damage it has endured. With K18, you can attain softer, smoother hair with minimized split ends. Unlock the strength, softness, smoothness, and bounce you’ve been longing for. K18’s system also aids in reducing the heat and styling time required by resetting your hair to a more youthful state.

The hair mist combined with your in salon service will provide you with optimal results to get your hair smooth and looking healthy right away.

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​K18 Helps with all Types of Damage

How K18 Repairs Your Hair

The K18Peptide™ is designed to repair your hair from the inside out. This peptide design is so small it can travel to the inner-most layers of the hair strand to reach the Keratin chains and reconnect broken chains. These broken chains are what make your hair feel dry, look frizzy and over time become difficult to manage. With this salon two step treatment you can repair your hair at the root of the problem for silky shinny hair in just one treatment.


​Restore Your Hair’s Radiance in Dallas!

Reviving the radiance of your hair no longer needs to be a cumbersome endeavor. Whether you seek to fortify your hair’s strength or achieve a smooth and radiant look, K18 Hair Treatment is the solution you’ve been searching for. This treatment not only shields your hair but also actively repairs damage caused by chemical processes or heat. At The Smoothbar Dallas, we collaborate with our clients to bring back the natural glow of their hair.

Curious about the process of permanently healing your hair with K18 Hair Treatment or what to anticipate during the treatment? Allow us to provide you with a straightforward guide:

How to Permanently Heal Hair with K18 Hair Treatment

The K18 hair treatment simplifies and accelerates the hair care routine. Whether hair damage stems from chemical processes, bleaching, or excessive heat caused by over-blow drying, K18 Hair Treatment provides an ideal solution for men and women across all age groups. Collaborating with skilled stylists makes the transformation of hair into a lively and healthy state achievable.

Each client’s hair needs are unique. Therefore, an assessment is conducted before any hair treatment session to determine the most appropriate hair treatment option.

At The Smoothbar Dallas, we recognize our clients’ aspiration for vibrant and healthy hair. That’s why we provide treatments that are free of Formaldehyde. Prior to each appointment, we provide our clients with a complimentary consultation to assess the optimal hair treatment and the required number of sessions.

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How the K18 Peptide Works

K18 hair treatment restores hair strength and softness with the right ingredients, designed with your hair’s health in mind. K18 peptide works on the hair to repair any damages and restore its natural beauty. The product works just like the hair’s natural DNA to repair what was once broken by bleach, color, or chemical processes. K18 product creates a lasting effect that gives hair an elasticity close to its natural state. Additionally, this treatment takes care of damaged curl patterns, bringing your hair back to life.

Transform Your Hair in Just 4 Minutes

K18 peptide repairs the hair in general, healing any damages. Unlike other hair treatment options, K18 peptide repairs hair permanently in just 4 minutes, giving your hair a permanent natural glow and radiance.


What to Expect During a K18 Treatment in Dallas

The treatment works within 4 minutes and is friendly to any chemical process or color. If you are looking for K18 hair treatment services in Dallas, The Smoothbar has you covered.

The Best K18 Hair Repair Treatment in Dallas!

At The Smoothbar Dallas, you not only get quality hair treatment options but will also enjoy our affordable pricing. Hair treatment sessions are based on the client’s unique needs. With the help of our skilled and experienced hair stylists, we conduct a thorough assessment and treat each customer based on unique needs. Book a treatment or call for a free consultation today.

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