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Keratin Treatments are our Specialty at The Smoothbar Dallas

Choose from 5 different Keratin Treatments to have your hair smoother, shinier, and healthier than ever

The Smoothbar Dallas is a Smoothing Only Salon – Specifically Training and Specialized in a wide range of Keratin Treatments

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Keratin smoothing is the perfect choice if your goal is to achieve frizz-free hair that retains its natural vitality and fullness. Whether your hair is thin or thick, we’re here to reinforce and protect it. Our salon welcomes all hair types and all genders because we believe everyone deserves the gift of smoother hair.

Imagine achieving radiant shine, healthier locks, and reduced frizz, can all be achieve through our Keratin treatments. The results will be evident to everyone, as your hair exudes radiant beauty and silky shine for weeks on end.

Why Choose The Smoothbar Dallas for your Keratin Treatment

🌟 Expertise: Professional advice and application
🏆 Excellence: Largest Variety of vetted treatments on the market
🛡 Safety & Comfort: Patented extraction system ensures a great customer experience

Smoothing is our passion! We truly care about you and your hair and want to help you achieve the look, feel and confidence you are looking for. We perform a full consultation before every treatment to ensure the treatment fits your goals, needs, and lifestyle. Think of us as your hair’s personal therapists!

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Our Keratin Treatment Pricing:

Our service pricing for our Keratin Smoothing Treatments is $250 for a Keratin smoothing service up to 2-hours. Most of our Smoothing treatments take 2 hours or less unless your hair is exceptionally long, curly, thick, and/or coarse textured. We book additional estimated time based on a picture that shows your natural curl and length with a brief description of its texture and density.
Additional time is booked in 30 minute increments for $60 each increment. If you do not enter into an additional estimated time increment, you would not be charged for that time.

Not all services are bookable online, for our Express Keratin Treatment you’ll need to call us to book your appointment.

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Let our Keratin Specialists Get to Know Your Hair

Feel free to ask us any questions about Brazilian Blowouts or Keratin treatments that you may have been researching. Our experienced team is highly knowledgeable about all kinds of smoothing treatments. At The Smoothbar, we handpick and extensively train professional, friendly stylists who specialize in these transformative treatments. Our dedicated Keratin treatment specialists aim to make each visit a delightful experience, caring for your hair while pampering you.

Every appointment starts with a full consultation, making sure your stylist understands your hair history, habits, and goals! Start a conversation with us about what smoothing looks like for you by calling or texting the salon!

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NEW Express Keratin Treatment in Dallas, TX

Eliminates frizz, increases styling manageability, lessens drying time, and leaves hair noticeably softer with no downtime—instantly!

  • Removes Frizz without removing volume or curl
  • Adds shine
  • Makes hair more manageable
  • Cuts styling time
  • Only takes 1 hour
  • Lasts up to 4 weeks
  • Starting at $175*

* If more than 1 hour is needed it is $60 for every 30 minutes exceeding the 1hr. This treatment cannot be booked through online booking, please call the salon!

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Bottle of Keratherapy Hair Care Product

Brazilian Renewal / Brazilian Keratin in Dallas, TX

Brazilian Renewal is great for all hair types. It will get rid of frizz, add shine, and relax your curl pattern up to 3 levels while also keeping your natural volume and body intact with the help of collagen, keratin and argan oil. There is absolutely no downtime with this treatment, so after your first rinse you are able to style your hair any way you like or get it wet right away without affecting the treatment. This formula is designed to last up to 3 months.

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Bottle of Chocolate Keratin Hair Smoothing Product

Chocolate Keratin in Dallas, TX

Best for those with coarse/ resistant hair types or fine hair lacking weight. This treatment is called “Chocolate” because of the chocolatey scent that comes from the cocoa butter in the formula that helps hydrate the hair. This treatment can deliver up to 3 levels of curl relaxation. It will reduce some volume. There is also a 72 hour downtime after the service is completed. This formula is designed to lasts up to 3 months with proper care.

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Bottle of Adorn Collagen used in Keratin Treatments

Adorn Keratin in Dallas, TX

The Adorn treatment is best for those with fine hair types that only want frizz reduction. This treatment contains collagen which helps to preserve your natural volume and body. You can expect a maximum of 1 level of curl relaxation from this treatment. This treatment has a 48-hour downtime after the service is completed and last up to 3 months.

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Bottle of Global Keratin Hair Texture Product

Global Keratin in Dallas, TX

The Global Keratin is great at correcting textural problems in the hair (rough feeling hair) by adding shine, hydration, and a concentrated amount of juvexin (keratin) to the hair. The Global Keratin will also relax the curl in your hair up to 2 levels. This treatment is designed to last up to 3 months and has a 48-hour downtime after the service is completed.

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Bottle of Extreme Renewal Keratherapy Hair Product

Extreme Renewal Keratin in Dallas, TX

Keratherapy’s Extreme Renewal is a great treatment option for those looking to achieve maximum smoothing and high curl reduction. This treatment is best for course or resistant hair types and can last up to 3 months. Extreme Renewal has a 48 hour down time after the service is completed.

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How Keratin
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What Is a Keratin Treatment

What Is a Keratin

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