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Formaldehyde Free Treatments FAQ

Having questions about our formaldehyde free treatments at our Dallas location? Read below to get your most commonly asked questions about formaldehyde free keratin treatments answered by the Smoothbar team!

All of our “Super” formulas are acidic and work by altering the disulfide bonds in the hair. Disulfide bonds are responsible for the hairs curl pattern and by altering them you can experience long lasting and even permanent results depending on how the formula is utilized. This formula works to soften the disulfide bonds and realign them to a straighter state and then re-harden the bonds when activated. This process does not create or cause any breakage or damage to the hair and can be used safely on previously chemically treated hair. This internal approach to smoothing is a great alternative to other smoothing options that expose you to trace amounts of formaldehyde. Those treatments work by coating the outside of the hair and the coating will wash off over time.

These services require more manual labor to activate because of the way it is formulated and the solutions cost more for us to purchase from the manufacturers as well. We have a time based pricing structure so that we can be as fair with our pricing as possible. The starting price for our Super treatments is $275 for 2 hours and an additional $60 fee is added in 30 minute increments for additional time needed.

Yes! We recommend timing your hair color appointment after your Super treatment though because the formula is acidic and is known to cause color shifting during the process. You may need to correct any unwanted tones in the hair immediately after your treatment and that is totally safe to do immediately after your treatment.

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