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If you’re interested in booking one of our formaldehyde free "super" treatments, please contact the salon, as these cannot be booked online due to differing timing and pricing than our Brazilian blowouts and Keratin based smoothing treatments

Super Smooth


The Smoothbar’s exclusive Super Smooth treatment works for all hair types and previously chemically treated hair. The Super Smooth is a vegan formula made of safe organic components with no dangerous effects and is formaldehyde free. The exclusive formula penetrates the cortex and reshapes its structure safely without any concern of breakage or moisture loss to the hair. All without the use of chemicals such as formaldehyde, ammonium thioglycolate or any other alkali ingredients.

Super Smooth changes the hair’s structure by reacting with the disulfide bonds, loosening them and then the ironing process fixes the hair into a straighter position, along with smoother, shinier and healthier hair. This treatment gives you high shine, increased manageability, and frizz free results. It also offers our highest level of curl reduction of up to 4 levels and lasts the longest at approximately 6 months.

Super Smooth’s formula

Due to the nature of Super Smooth’s formula you are able to color your hair the same day as the treatment. After the treatment you may notice some lift to your hair color making it a bit lighter due to the acidic nature of the product.We recommend timing your haircolor right after the Super Smooth to fix any color shifting that will happen during the treatment process. We also recommend that your haircolorist use a clarifying shampoo before your color appointment to remove any residual treatment left in the hair as it can shift pigment during the coloring process if not thoroughly removed from the hair beforehand.

This is a unique system with straightening capabilities (depending on the texture of the hair) safely reacts with disulfide bonds without harsh chemicals. The treatment is based on organic components that can be left on the hair without any damage. Unlike Japanese straightening or relaxers which cause damage to the hair as it is alkaline based and cannot be reapplied to previously treated hair. This treatment will never cause hair damage or breakage.