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Brazilian Blowout FAQ

Having questions about our signature Brazilian Blowout treatment or any other keratin treatment that we offer? Read below to get your most commonly asked questions answered!

Brazilian Blowout uses a plant-based amino acid as its active ingredient. There is absolutely no keratin found in Brazilian Blowout. Because of this, the protein that is used can over proteinize the hair over time with will make it feel dry and brittle. You can avoid these side effects by using proper products at home or doing bond rebuilding treatments like the B3. Because of the amino acid that is used it’s also a much larger molecule than keratin, so it cannot penetrate deeper into the hair than the first level which will only act as a top coat around the hair and will wash off much faster than a keratin based treatment. Brazilian Blowout is the only treatment that will get rid of bulk and volume in the hair, so if that is your main concern as well as curl reduction this might be the treatment for you. This treatment will give you up to 3 levels of curl reduction right away.

Keratin based smoothing treatments are very healthy for the hair and can help repair and replenish the hair with keratin bonds that will actually make the hair stronger and healthier. You can also achieve 0 levels to 3 levels of curl reduction with a keratin-based treatment. Keratin based treatments are also temporary meaning that it will wash out of your hair eventually, much like hair color. You can never overdo keratin treatments either because the hair will take what it needs, and excess will just wash off.

This treatment is great for getting rid of up to 3 levels of curl as well as lessening the bulk in the hair. If you choose this treatment, styling, and drying will be significantly reduced for a rather long period (up to 3 months in some cases), saving you some time and headache in the process.

The main advantage of this treatment is that there is no downtime: it is finished at the salon. After your first rinse go back to your daily routine!

It is just another way to call the Brazilian Blowout. Numerous names are used such as Brazilian straightening, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, BKT, Brazilian Blowout, Escova Progressiva, Keratin (and not carotene) Cure. They all refer to Brazilian hair straightening.

If you have frizzy, thick, coarse, or curly hair you have the most to win from a Brazilian Blowout. However, the treatment can be performed and has been performed on every type of hair, even fine and thin hair, and the benefits are still there. If you have permed or processed hair, our Brazilian Blowout is still an option.

Yes, but you will strip out your treatment. Chlorine and salt will eat away at the treatment and significantly reduce the life span of your treatment. Sulfates and sodium chloride and any byproduct of the two are the main ingredients that wear out your treatment as well. However, if you use the correct and recommended products in your hair you will be able to maintain your treatment a lot longer.

Yes, but it is advised to wait at least 2 weeks before doing so after you have a treatment done. You can color your hair any time before the treatment.

The results are very durable. It can last for 2 – 3 months depending on the line of products used. This treatment is cumulative which means that if you do another treatment while there is still some Brazilian Blowout left in the hair you will have longer lasting and stronger results.

No, the products we use can only be sold to professional licensed hair stylists. Even if you were to get your hands on the product it is such a tedious process it would be nearly impossible for you to effectively do a treatment on yourself.

It is extremely important to use the products that go with the treatment. These treatments are systems and if you spend your time and money in a salon getting a treatment done and then go home and use something that does not work with the treatment you will just strip it all out and it will not last as long as it is supposed to. You can use Brazilian Blowout’s products or another line that we carry (Keratherapy, GK, etc.) that will support your treatment.

The brands that we carry only sell to salons and licensed cosmetologists, so you would have to purchase products through us or another salon professional. If you happen to find a product online know that it is most likely expired product, or simply the correct bottle with a random product inside. If you choose to purchase a line that we carry online, you will be taking a gigantic gamble and will have to wait for shipping.

Brazilian Blowout happens to be our most flattening treatment we offer. If you’re looking for something that will get rid of curl but still maintain your natural volume and body a better choice would be the Brazilian Renewal or Chocolate treatments. If you are looking to move away from Japanese straighteners and relaxers, Brazilian Blowout is definitely your best option!

Its recommended you wait 2 weeks before coloring your hair but if you will be using bleach you may want to have it done before your smoothing treatment as it could strip the treatment from your hair. Proper recommendation and advice will be provided by one of our experienced staff members in order to keep you informed of your best options.

It varies from brand to brand but usually, we use a clarifying shampoo and then proceed to the application of the product from the roots to ends of your hair and comb to spread and saturate the product into the hair. Once it is applied we blow-dry the hair and then proceed to the flat ironing step. The heat from the flat iron will infuse the product into your hair. The result is long-lasting frizz-free and curl reduced hair, just the way you like it!

Most smoothing treatments contain aldehyde but it is usually a pretty low percentage. The FDA tolerates a level of formaldehyde, up to 1%. The only time that you are even exposed to formaldehyde is during the flat ironing process when the steam is released. We are the only salon that is built around a central fume extractor so that those fumes are immediately sucked out of the building. We are by far the safest place to have a treatment done because of that alone. Considering the lengthy list of potentially harmful chemicals such as ammonia, peroxide and other hydroxides used when doing highlighting, chemical relaxing and coloring, it is safe to say that formaldehyde is often better than all those chemicals combined. If you have breathing issues or asthma, you might want to talk to your physician and your hair stylist.

No, you can only use it on regrowth. If you want highlights or any other lightening service, please take care of it before your upcoming appointment as any lightener will strip out your smoothing treatment.

The Brazilian Blowout uses plant-based amino acids as its active ingredient and works by creating a coating around the outside of the hair strands that blocks out humidity and forces the hair strands to stay stretched out giving you that significant curl reduction.

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