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Understanding the root cause of hair damage is the first step toward achieving your hair goals. To revive your hair and restore its natural beauty, you may need to work with experienced professional stylists who will analyze your hair type before recommending the most effective treatment plan. At The Smoothbar, our skilled hair stylists will offer individualized attention and recommend a custom hair care treatment plan that meets your unique hair needs.

In addition to analyzing your hair type, we listen to your concerns and recommend the most appropriate hair care products to help you achieve your desired hair goals. We provide customized hair treatments designed with your hair in mind for healthy and radiant hair.


Custom Hair Treatment Plans Available at the Smoothbar

For best results, hair treatment options should match your hair type. Our stylists understand the different hair types and will determine the best treatment to repair your hair and give you healthy hair!

Depending on your hair type, our stylists can recommend one of the custom hair care treatments.

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B3 Brazilian Bond Builder

If you experience hair breakage, Brazilian Bond Builder (B3) helps to reattach the bonds to make your hair stronger and healthier. The product is clinically proven to treat damaged hair almost instantly. It is compatible with all color formulations to help rejuvenate your hair and improve its appearance.

Hair bonds may weaken if you color or lighten your hair frequently, resulting from weakening the cuticle and cortex that support your hair’s inner structure. B3 breaks through the cortex to help mend the broken bonds and improve your hair strength.

For stronger and more resilient hair, we will formulate just the right mixture for your hair needs.

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B3 Demi Permanent Conditioner

For hair that’s extremely dry or overly damaged, the B3 Demi Permanent Conditioner may be the perfect treatment option. We prepare this custom hair care to provide a long-lasting solution that moisturizes your hair and helps seal hair cuticles to strengthen your hair.

The product works on weakened hair fibers to help reconstruct your hair from within. The result is stronger, moisturized, and shiny hair. Depending on how damaged your hair is and the state of your scalp, our stylists might use L&F 3-1 Mender for the scalp. If your hair is dry, they may use the B3 Demi Conditioner.

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K18 Molecular Repair Hair Mask

Regardless of your hair type, this leave-in hair treatment helps restore hair strength and beauty in just 4 minutes. Whether your hair has been damaged by excess bleaching, heat, color, or even chemical services, the K18 molecular repair hair mask will reverse the damages to give you shiny, soft, and bouncy hair.

This custom hair care product works to restore your hair strength and elasticity.

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Leaf & Flower CBD 3-In-1 Molecular Mender

If you are looking for a hair treatment option that will instantly revive your hair strength and mend split ends, Leaf & Flower CBD 3-In-1 Molecular Mender gives you just that! With just a single application of this reparative and preventative service, your hair remains strong for up to 10 washes.

Whether you have a dry or oily scalp, our stylist will use this hair treatment option to help revitalize your scalp and promote healthy and strong hair.

You may have to schedule a consultation with our stylists, who will analyze your hair type, texture, and other unique needs before recommending the most suitable hair treatment option.

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Get Professional Hair Repair Treatments in Dallas

At The Smoothbar, our professional stylists are committed to providing the best custom hair care that aligns with your hair type and the extent of the damage. We offer individualized attention to our clients in Dallas so we can identify your unique hair needs and offer customizable hair care options that help you achieve your hair goals.

Call The Smoothbar to get a hair care treatment plan to help revive your hair and restore its elasticity and strength.

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