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Global Keratin Treatment

global keratin

Global Keratin treatment is more than just Keratin, its Juvexin. Juvexin is a blend of anti-aging and keratin proteins. Global Keratin is the only keratin treatment to deliver the amazing benefits of Juvexin. This Smoothing Treatment can be used on all hair types and leaves your hair with bounce and shine. Lasting up to 12 weeks the Global Keratin can give you the smoothing results you want without having dull hair. As with most keratin treatments you can expect to have your frizz reduced and your styling time cut in half.

Your hair will blow dry fast and be easier to manage right away. Juvexin is gathered in an environmentally friendly and humane process from sheep’s wool to give your hair optimal softness. Nourish your hair today with The Smoothbar and a Global Keratin Treatment! Everyone knows that when you look good, you feel good.

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it enhances your self-confidence and self-esteem. You walk a little straighter with your head held high, as you know that your hair is shiny, healthy, and looking fabulous. Nothing feels better to a person than knowing that their hair is gorgeous and everyone around you in the San Diego area is taking notice. ​We’re the top San Diego, CA beauty salon for any type of keratin treatments. Our talented and experienced staff has been giving hair services to residents in the San Diego area since 2014.

Unlike other San Diego, CA keratin treatment salons, we deliver upscale hair services, but in an enjoyable and comfortable setting. You will receive first-class service when you let us provide you with quality keratin treatments.


Global Keratin

a keratin hair treatment brand in the market, contains juvexin, a special blend of proteins and peptides that are specifically blended for the hair. Global Keratin is the only company that has juvexin in all its products. Juvexin restores and protects the hair by putting it back in its youthful state.

If you are interested in getting a Global keratin treatment for your hair, we give our clients high-quality salon services at reasonable prices. No other beauty salon in San Diego will work as hard as our talented stylists to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your hair. We constantly attend classes and conferences to make sure our techniques are up-to-date and to learn what is new in the world of keratin treatments.

From the moment you walk in, you will feel welcomed by our polite and friendly staff. Our San Diego, CA hair stylist asks questions to get an understanding of what your hair goal is. We want you to get the hair style that will bring you that WOW factor. Because our hair stylists continually take classes, they are up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques in keratin treatment services.

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