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5 Essential Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Hair Smoothing Treatment

Hair smoothing treatments have gained immense popularity in recent years and for a good reason. They offer a fantastic way to tame unruly locks, cut down styling time, and enjoy effortlessly smooth hair for an extended period. However, to truly make the most out of your hair-smoothing experience, it’s crucial to be armed with the right knowledge and know-how.

We genuinely want your Hair Smoothing services with us to last as long as possible! Clients are always looking to us, as your hair smoothing experts, to share essential tips that will transform the way you experience hair smoothing treatments! Whether you’re considering your very first smoothing session or have tried it before, there’s always something new to learn about achieving and maintaining that sleek, frizz-free look you’ve been dreaming of.

In this blog, we’ll offer five essential tips that will help you maximize the benefits of your hair smoothing treatment. Whether you opt for a Brazilian Blowout, keratin treatment, or any other smoothing technique, these tips will ensure your hair looks and feels it’s absolute best.

#1 – Use the Recommended After-Care Products

One of the most critical factors in extending the life of your hair smoothing service is using the right after-care products. While “sulfate-free” products may sound promising, they don’t necessarily provide the support your treatment needs. That’s why we highly recommend using the shampoo and conditioners specifically recommended by our experts.

Our recommended product lines are carefully crafted with the same protein found in our hair smoothing services. By using these products, you actively replenish the essential ingredients every time you wash your hair, avoiding any unnecessary stripping of the treatment. This proactive approach plays a significant role in prolonging the effects of the smoothing treatment, ensuring your hair stays smooth and manageable for an extended period.

With our carefully curated after-care products, you can maintain the luxurious results of your hair smoothing treatment for a remarkable 10 – 12 weeks. So, make sure to follow our expert advice and choose the right products to enjoy flawless, frizz-free locks that turn heads wherever you go!

#2 Reduce Washing Frequency After the Smoothing Treatment

Embracing a spaced-out washing routine is essential to ensure your hair smoothing treatment lasts longer and remains effective. With each hair wash, a small amount of the smoothing product naturally washes out. To make the most of your treatment, it’s crucial to adjust your wash frequency accordingly.

Avoid washing your hair too frequently. Spacing out your washes allows the smoothing product to linger in your hair for a longer duration. This approach ensures your hair stays beautifully smooth and manageable for an extended period.

#3 Improve Your Smoothing Treatment and Rinse Out the Sweat

For those with an active lifestyle who frequently find themselves sweating, taking proactive measures to preserve your hair treatment is crucial. After any sweaty activity, it’s highly beneficial to rinse your hair with water. Sweat contains salt, which can rapidly strip away non-permanent hair treatments.

By promptly rinsing out the sweat with water and not allowing it to linger on your scalp, you significantly enhance the longevity of your treatment. This simple practice can make a real difference in ensuring that your hair treatment lasts longer and remains effective.

Next time you finish a workout or any activity that causes sweating, take a moment to show your hair some care and attention. A quick rinse with water will go a long way in maintaining the smooth and stunning results of your hair smoothing treatment. Your hair will undoubtedly thank you with long-lasting, frizz-free beauty that compliments your active lifestyle perfectly!

#4 Lighten, Then Have Your Smoothing Treatment

Plan on lightening your hair color BEFORE you come for smoothing treatments. Any high-lift color and bleach are meant to strip the hair to achieve lighter results. If you choose to lighten your hair after a non-permanent smoothing service, your treatment will be stripped out of your hair prematurely and your natural frizz and curl will return quickly.

#5 Another Hair Smoothing Treatment, Before You NEED it.

For stronger and longer-lasting results, we recommend scheduling your next visit before the previous treatment has completely faded from your hair. Smoothing services are buildable, meaning you can extend and enhance results by doing successive treatments. Oftentimes very curly hair will take several treatments to build up to the desired result.

Booking your next visit to the Smoothbar before the treatment washes out completely can deliver a stronger and more relaxed result. Don’t hesitate to schedule your follow-up appointment while the effects of the previous treatment are still present.

In conclusion, achieving gorgeously smooth and manageable hair through hair smoothing treatments is within your reach. By following the essential tips we’ve shared, you can make the most out of your hair-smoothing experience and enjoy long-lasting results that turn heads everywhere you go.