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Hair Care After a Smoothing Treatment

So you’ve just gotten a smoothing treatment for your hair, and you’re loving the sleek and shiny results. But what’s next? How do you maintain and care for your hair after the treatment to ensure long-lasting results? Don’t worry; the experts at The Smoothbar have the tips you’re looking for.

Smoothing treatments have become increasingly popular among individuals seeking smooth and frizz-free hair. However, many people are unsure about the proper care and maintenance required to keep their locks looking fabulous post-treatment.

To ensure you protect your hair after a smoothing treatment, it’s crucial to adopt a specialized hair care routine. From choosing the right products to avoiding common mistakes, taking proper care of your smoothed hair will prolong the effects of the treatment and keep your locks looking lustrous. This is especially crucial when you’ve received a custom hair repair treatment and are working to improve the quality of your hair. This article will explore the essential steps and tips for effective hair care after a smoothing treatment.

How to Take Care of Hair After a Smoothing Treatment

After receiving a hair smoothing treatment, it is essential to properly care for your hair to maintain its smooth and lustrous appearance. Taking care of your hair post-treatment will not only prolong the effects of the smoothing process but also ensure the health and vitality of your hair. By following a few simple steps and incorporating the right products into your hair care routine, you can keep your hair looking sleek and manageable for an extended period of time.

Avoid Bending Your Hair

Your hair is most susceptible to lasting changes in shape just after your smoothing treatment, (for the 2 treatments we offer with a 48 or 72 hour downtime), which means it is important to avoid putting your hair in a ponytail, tucking it behind your ears, or doing anything else to cause it to bend and crease during this time. Although it is always a good idea to avoid intentionally making parts of your hair less straight until your smoothing treatment wears off, it is especially crucial early on, as well as before the first rinse, for our treatments without downtime.

Proper Home Care

Using the proper home care consistently will help ensure you will get the best results and longevity from your treatments. Additionally, purchase the recommended products for your treatment – your stylist will help you pick the right products for you and your hair needs. Also, buying your home care from your salon will not only ensure you are getting quality, but you are supporting the stylist and business as well.

Use Cool Water

Most people will need to wash their hair by three days after their smoothing treatment, and using cool water for the first rinse or wash is more likely to help your hair keep its shape as opposed to using hot water. You should also use the recommended shampoo and conditioner during this time and avoid any products with harsh chemicals.

Duration of the Treatment

The immediate effects of your smoothing treatment may not last forever, but there are several ongoing steps you can take to improve the overall health and natural smoothness of your hair.

Rinse any Salt or Chlorine out ASAP

It is also important to be aware of things that can remove your treatment faster, such as salt water, chlorine, some sulfates, excessive sweating (becomes salt in the hair), and hair color/bleach. To maintain the results of your smoothing treatment, it is crucial to avoid these factors or rinse out as soon as possible.

Avoid Excessive Heat

Using a curling iron or flat iron too frequently can cause your hair to become stiff and brittle instead of smooth and sleek, which can keep it from looking and feeling how you want it to.

Get Regular Trims

Having split ends or otherwise damaged tips of your hair removed regularly can significantly reduce roughness and keep your hair as even as possible.

Use Hair Masks and Hair Serum

These products can coat your hair with an extra nourishing layer to reduce the likelihood of various types of damage, which can be especially helpful when it comes to maintaining the longevity of your hair smoothing treatment. While they should not necessarily be used immediately after treatment, especially ones with downtime, because they do get your hair wet, they can give your hair an extra boost of vitamins and create an invisible barrier between your hair and any elements that might impact its shape a few days later.

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