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If you’re interested in booking one of our formaldehyde free "super" treatments, please contact the salon, as these cannot be booked online due to differing timing and pricing than our Brazilian blowouts and Keratin based smoothing treatments

Why Choose Formaldehyde Free Hair Treatments?

Let’s face it, formaldehyde is kind of a big thing in the hair industry. It is commonly used in safe doses in many hair treatment products, including our signature smoothing treatments: Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin Treatments.

At The Smoothbar, we understand that prolonged exposure to even safe and tested levels of any chemical can cause discomfort especially in people who have special sensitivities.  This is why we have installed our patented extraction system in our salons, to continually purge the air of chemicals released during these procedures. This allows you and your stylist to “breathe easy” during treatments.

That said, in some instances it can be preferable to use Formaldehyde free products to achieve your hair goals. Unfortunately, most Formaldehyde free offerings still have a long way to go in producing the kinds of results Smoothbar clients are looking for. Taking out the Formaldehyde has tradeoffs in efficacy and time required to perform the treatment. But rest assured the Smoothbar team has vetted the absolute BEST Formaldehyde free treatments, so that those with sensitivities or desire to avoid using formaldehyde, can still have smooth, shiny and manageable hair!

If you think Formaldehyde Free might be the way to go for your hair, we highly suggest you CONTACT US for a consultation and custom quote to ensure your hair goals will be met!


Super Smooth

The Smoothbar’s exclusive Super Smooth treatment works for all hair types and previously chemically treated hair. The Super Smooth is a vegan formula made of safe organic components with no dangerous effects and is formaldehyde free. The exclusive formula penetrates the cortex and reshapes its structure safely without any concern of breakage or moisture loss to the hair.

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Super Curly

Keep your curls intact but lose the frizz with our Super Curly Treatment. This service has no downtime and will revitalize your natural curl pattern helping them look more uniform and defined!

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Super Blowdry

Looking to keep volume, but make your hair more manageable? Our Super Blowout might be the perfect treatment for you. Formaldehyde free and up to 2 levels of temporary curl reduction, this no downtime treatment makes your life easier at home by helping you manage your frizz! Give us a call and we can help you decide what is the best option for your hair needs.

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