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What is a Brazilian Blowout?

It’s funny how sometimes a brand comes along that just saturates our culture to the point of even changing our language, and Brazilian Blowout has done just that! Like Kleenex forever changed the way we refer to a tissue and Pampers to diapers, Brazilian Blowout has done the same to smoothing treatments across the globe!

Although Brazilian Blowout is just one type of treatment in a world of 1000’s of smoothing treatments its brand name is often used to describe all types of treatments, from protein treatments to Keratin based treatments. It all boils down to the fact that people love the Brazilian Blowout! ​

So What Is a Brazilian Blowout Treatment?

brazilian-blowout_origThe Brazilian Blowout is a protein based hair smoothing treatment and system that is designed to reduce frizz, minimize bulkiness and reduce curl up to 3 levels while making your styling time 50% faster. Using amino acids the Brazilian Blowout coats each strand of hair in a protein that smooths out damaged cuticles, giving the look and feel of healthy smooth hair.

Brazilian Blowouts vs Keratin Treatments

The Brazilian Blowout differs in a Keratin Treatment in this way. With Keratin based treatments the Keratin is designed to go under the damaged cuticle and hold them down vs coating the hair to force them down, as you can see below.

Brazilian Blowout differs

What are the Benefits of a Brazilian Blowout?

The main advantage of this treatment is that there is no downtime: it is finished at the salon. After your first rinse you can go back to your daily routine! Many clients and stylists also enjoy the customizable flexibility of the Brazilian Blowout treatment that allows it to be customized to meet your hair goals if they align with something the Brazilian Blowout can offer.

If your Smoothbar stylist recommends the Brazilian Blowout to meet your hair goals you will want to discuss proper long term home care of your hair, as with any smoothing treatment. Like all smoothing treatments the Brazilian Blowout works best and lasts longest if cared for properly.

What is a Pure Brazilian Treatment?

pure-brazilian-vs-brazilian-blowoutThe Pure Brazilian is not manufactured by the Brazilian Blowout brand but it is a protein based treatment like the Brazilian Blowout so we include it here. ​Pure Brazilian is another completely customizable treatment for different hair types that is similar in process to the Brazilian Blowout.

The Pure Brazilian uses a blend of protein and keratin to rejuvenate hair and make your color shine for weeks to come. The Pure Brazilian’s Original Reconstructor Solution is designed to meet the needs of those with hard to manage hair as it reduces volume and bulk.​

​We want to note that this treatment is best suited for clients with very particular hair goals and you should consult your stylist on what treatment is best for you.