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Choosing Between the Different Types of Keratin Treatment

There are 100’s of different types of keratin treatments on the market today, but not all treatments are created equal. Several factors must be considered when choosing a keratin treatment, so it is essential that you seek advice from a stylist that specializes in Keratin treatments.

The number one factor a stylist should consider when helping you choose a smoothing treatment is your hair type. Every Keratin treatment formula will react differently based on your hair type. So understanding your hair type, listening to your hair goals and having extensive experience with a wide range of treatments is essential. If you have a tight curl and you are looking to achieve straighter hair with less styling time, your stylist needs to understand what type of Keratin Treatment can reach that level of smoothing.​

​Another critical factor to be taken into account is your hair history. Were you bleach blonde last summer but now a dark brown? Knowing these details helps experienced stylist understand the cause and extent of the damage to your hair. Understanding how different treatments, products, and color affect your hair type tells an experienced stylist a lot about what they need to do to achieve healthy, strong hair. Before getting a Keratin Treatment be sure to find a stylist that is highly experienced in these treatments and understands the complexity of repairing your hair.

choosing-a-keratin-treatmentKeratin Products
Many products are popping up all over the market that claim to be Keratin based. Although we have seen some pretty amazing products that can help improve the look and feel of your hair, we want to advise our readers to use caution when purchasing drug store brands that promise salon quality results. Most of these products contain no keratin or any other ingredients that affect the protein in your hair. They also have no scientific evidence backing the claims made on their bottles and do not deliver the results they promise. Do not fall for misleading labels that contain phrases like “keratin repair” or “pro-keratin.”