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What is Keratin?

If you like glossy, silky hair that is easy to style but cannot seem to get this naturally, there are hair treatment options that have been tried and tested to improve hair vibrancy. Whether looking for the perfect hair treatment for your curly or wavy hair or you want to repair damaged hair, keratin can help you achieve your dream hair. So, what is keratin, and how does it help improve your hair? And is keratin good for your hair? Read on to learn more:

What Is Keratin?

If you are searching for the perfect remedy for frizzy or unmanageable hair, keratin offers this and more. Keratin is the protein responsible for forming hair, nails, and the epidermis. The body produces keratin that helps maintain healthy nails while giving you healthy hair and glowing skin.

If you want to improve your hair vibrancy and maintain those beautiful waves and curls, The Smoothbar offers five different types of keratin treatments to help you achieve your hair goals. But, what does keratin do to your hair?

When you use keratin treatment, your hair becomes stronger, looks voluminous and feels softer. Hair treatment options are unique to your hair needs. As such, keratin comes in various types, each with a unique role. You can consult with expert stylists to determine the best keratin protein for your hair.

Types of Keratin

Your hair health and strength depend on how much keratin your body can make. Your body produces 54 types of keratin. Approximately 50 percent of the keratin produced exists in hair follicles. If your body cannot produce enough keratin, your stylist may recommend hair treatment rich in keratin protein. The major types of keratin include:

Type I

These are the smallest and are considered the most acidic. Type I keratin is responsible for skin health and controls mechanical stress. Type I proteins are associated with several inherited developmental disorders, such as skin blistering, baldness, and beading of hair.

Type II

Keratin type II is neutral and plays an important role in balancing cell activity by helping balance out the pairs of both types when synthesizing proteins and regulating cellular activity.

Alpha Keratins

The type of keratins found in human hair, nails, and wool falls under this category. Both types I and type II keratins are alpha keratins. These keratins have amino acids, and their strong binding power makes them a great remedy for damaged hair. Regardless of the damage, alpha keratin acts on your hair and transforms it. The results are natural-looking hair that is stronger and healthier.

Structure and Function of Keratin

Keratin contains amino acids that determine their structure and function. The structure is so intact that keratin cannot dissolve in water or any other solvent. When your hair is treated using keratin, body chemicals do not affect this protein.

Instead, it gets extra support that aids the repair of damaged hair. Additionally, keratin offers more support to your nails and skin.

Benefits and Results of Keratin for Hair Treatments

Most hair treatments contain keratin. These treatments revitalize your hair, giving it a healthy, shiny, and vibrant appearance. Although the results vary depending on your hair type and extent of damage, some notable keratin benefits include:

  • Preventing frizzy hair in humid conditions: getting a keratin treatment is a healthier option than straightening treatments.
  • Smoothes out the hair cuticle: keratin treatments smooth out the curl pattern specific to your hair.
  • Voluminous, lustrous hair: The natural shine gets lost in the curls with certain hair types, so a keratin treatment will help your textured hair appear shinier.

For the best results, you need to contact your stylist so you can have your hair evaluated before your hair is treated. A professional stylist at the Smoothbar will use a hair treatment option that suits your unique hair needs.

Methods and Uses of Keratin

To treat damaged hair or enhance your hair appearance, you need to schedule an appointment with a professional stylist in San Diego or Dallas. A stylist will first go through a thorough consultation with you to help you decide what solution will be best suited for your needs before applying a keratin treatment.

Achieve Your Hair Goals Today

Having great hair makes you feel confident. You don’t have to struggle with homemade treatments or have doubts when seeking hair treatment from a local stylist. The Smoothbar understands your unique needs and will treat your hair based on your specific needs. For the best hair treatment results, book an appointment with our professional stylists today.

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